Stop feeling drained and start getting more out of life.

We all have 24 hours in a day- so why is it that some if us struggle to get anything done, while others seem to breeze through life? 

So many of us wake up every day feeling tired already. We sleepwalk through the morning, only to crash shortly after lunch. We force ourselves to keep going, but by the end of the day we feel completely drained.

We're stressed out. Our minds are so cluttered we can't even focus. On any given day, we're lucky if we do even half the things we had planned. And every year it gets a little bit worse. 

And yet, some people seem to have forty hours in a day. What's their secret?

Your energy level can be changed

It's not some mystical force. It's not set in stone, or your DNA. You don't have to lose your vitality as you grow older.

Your energy level is come from how you live your life. It depends on how well you sleep, what you eat, whether you give your mind and body the stimulus it needs. And all of those things are in your control.

Healthy, highly productive people aren't mutants or time travellers. They have 24 hours in the day, justlike you. They simply understand how to manage their time, their health, and their mental energy so that they can kep firing on all cylinders and be more efficient at everything they do.

What if you were as active and full of energy as you used to be?

Imagine waking up every morning, completely refreshed and eager to start the day. Breezing through the morning, powering through the afternoon, and hing plenty of energy to fit in a workout. Even after dinner, you're still fully alert for a few more hours. And when you do sleep, you sleep like a baby.

No more stressing out. No more mid-day crash. No more mood swings. No more scrambling to make up for lost time.

You feel motivated. You manage your time better. You have a can-do attitude. You're even more fun to be around. You're more productive and more successful at everthing you do. 

All you have to do is make some adjustments to your lifestyle- what you eat, the way you sleep, your environment, how you manage stress. Most people never actually do this- which is why I've created an online course to show you exactly how to skyrocket your energy levels and live a more productive life.

I was low on energy and doing very poorly at work. I already trusted John based on his free material, so I decided to join Bursting with Energy. 

After going through the course, I feel better in general, and now I can say I control my energy the way I want. What really surprised me was realising how bad I was eating, and how important it is to eat and sleep the right way.

I really recommend this course- its not like you are going to be a super hero, but you're going to feel a lot better. It will give you awareness of all the things that influence your body.

-Reinaldo Trindade, 26, Student and small business owner, Rio de Janeiro

Introducing Bursting with Energy

The complete guide to sleeping well, ending fatigue, and keeping your metabolism cranked up to 11. This multimedia course will teach you everything you need to make your energy level a non-issue- so that you can live a fuller, more exciting life.

Join Bursting with Energy and you'll learn:

A complete system- with videos, PDFs and direct email support- for figuring out exactly what's causing your low energy- no more guessing, and no more cookie-cutter solutions.  

How to develop a bulletproof morning routine that will give you a running start to every morning- and set the stage for more amazing days. 

Exactly what to eat at every meal in order to stay alert and energized all day- while also burning fat.

What to do throughout the day to stay focused and productive- while keeping your stress levels low.

How to end your day- develop the perfect evening routine, so that you can relax and get a full night of refreshing sleep, every night.

Premium members will also receive access to the Energy Vault, with exclusive content like:

The complete guide to sleep hacking- systematically fix every common sleep problem.

The little-known method for curing a caffeine addiction in one week- without withdrawal symptoms. 

My system for beating jet lag- get fully adjusted to your new time zone after only a single night's sleep. 

The productivity system that I used to build two businesses- combine biological techniques for maximizing energy with tried and true productivity tactics to get more work done in 2 hours than most people get done in 8.

How to stay up all night, without being dead on your feet.

How to have a fun night out drinking- without damaging your health or being hungover the next day.

How to design your own self-experiments to improve any area of your life you want to work on. 

Here's what Bursting with Energy students have to say

I used to struggle to get through the afternoons. Now it's been weeks since I've had that 3 PM crash, and getting out of bed isn't nearly as tough as it used to be. -Brett, 34

It's nice finally being able to sleep every night- and actually feel rested when I get up. I've lost a few pounds, which is nice too. But the best part is having the energy to hang out with my friends on the weekend, instead of just catching up on sleep. -Erica, 42

A few months ago I felt like I was trapped in a rut- I had no energy because I was out of shape, couldn't work out because I had no energy, didn't have the motivation to cook. But I fixed my sleep habits, then started improving my diet, and things are turning around- I'm finally getting my life back. -Melanie, 28

If you don't LOVE this course, I'll refund 100% of your money. In fact, I insist on doing so- here's why. 

I've spent years honing the techniques I teach in Bursting with Energy. I know it works. The things you'll learn have been tested and refined by people of all ages, genders and backgrounds. 

And this course isn't just about fitness. It's not just a matter of losing a few pounds, or having an easier time hitting the gym. When you have more energy, your life becomes better- in every way. 

So here's my offer- try Bursting with Energy for 30 days, and if you don't think it has substantially improved your life, I'll refund 100% of your money. I'll even eat the payment processing costs. But I don't think I'll have to. Join the program and see for yourself. 

For the first time in years, I consistently sleep well, feel motivated to eat healthy and make it to the gym, and have the energy to do all the things I want to do. I wish I had done this years ago. -Madeline, 53

Don't fall out of shape and let life pass you by because you're always low on energy. Try Bursting with Energy, and feel what a difference having more energy can make in your life.